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Confirmation Of Your Order

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There are a few ways you can confirm that your order has been successful on Coloured Contacts.

  1. Confirmation Email - our system will send an order confirmation email to the email address that you entered at the checkout. Make sure to double check your inbox and, failing that, any junk email folders for our Order Confirmation email. 
  2. Customer Account - if you have placed an order with an existing customer account, or have created an account during the checkout, you will be able to navigate to your previous orders. Simply click on your order history to view all the previous orders you have placed on our website and to check your Order Confirmation.
  3. Payment Confirmation - you may also receive payment confirmation from the provider you have used to complete your purchase.

Common Questions

  • I placed an order then created an account, but see no order history - If you have checked out as a guest and have then proceeded to make an account you will be unable to view the order that was placed as a guest. Orders placed as a guest will still receive their order confirmation email.

If you are unable to confirm whether or not an order has been placed through the means above, then please contact us using the form on the previous page.

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