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Coupon Codes

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Voucher codes from Coloured Contacts can be redeemed through the Enter Your Code 'APPLY COUPON' option on the cart.  A valid voucher code will instantly discount the basket value once you click the Apply button, either through a % discount or by taking a select amount off your final total.

Voucher Code Not Working?

If you are inputting your voucher code in the Coloured Contacts checkout but are receiving the error; ‘this voucher does not exist’, there are a few things we ask customers to check before getting in touch with us.

  • You are logged in to your account – some of the voucher codes that customers receive are linked solely to their Coloured Contacts account. Please ensure that you are logged in whilst completing the checkout so the system knows to link the code to you.
  • You are using a voucher for the correct website – please ensure that you have a voucher for use on Coloured Contacts ( Codes for companies with similar names will not be valid for use on our site.
  • You have checked the voucher expiry date – some vouchers are linked to select events and promotions, so expire after a given time. Please make sure that you have checked the expiration date of your voucher before attempting to use it.
  • You have received a valid code – in most instances, you will have received a voucher code directly from us. Codes are sometimes given to events and select social media accounts for competitions, contests and giveaways. Any voucher codes from other sources may not be valid on our site.
  • The voucher code is only for a limited number of uses - The voucher may only be available for one use per customer or a limited number of uses in total. If you have already used the voucher code you may not be able to use it again or the number of uses may have been used up by other customers.
  • The voucher is only for specific items - You may have a voucher code that is for a specific item or a specific range of items. Please also check the quantity needed to activate the code and that all the products in your basket are part of the promotion.

Please do not contact customer services asking for a voucher code as they are not provided on demand. 

If you would like voucher codes for your company, group, event, competition or social media giveaway then please make sure to visit our Event Sponsorship page for more information. For the latest offers, discounts and codes, we recommend checking our social media pages for updates on any new offers.

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